Netherlands and Austria have enjoyed a healthy relationship in many areas. They are known to be like-minded in many respects. They have had strong bilateral deals in the area of finance and economy. By extension, the two nations have established a strong investing and trading partnership over the years. Many Dutch companies have established roots in Austria and vice versa. This makes them a strong trading block in Europe. The ties have stabilized in various areas such as economy, politics, social, and educational sectors.

Economic Relations

economic-relationsThe Netherlands Chamber of Commerce for Austria has created an enabling platform for the member companies. As trading and investment partners, the two countries have created a platform to allow their companies to exchange investment ideas, economic policies and related ideas. Agricultural produce is the main Dutch export to Austria. Others include food products, machinery, chemical and pharmaceutical products, and transport equipment. In return, they import manufactured goods such as iron, paper, and aluminum, transport equipment, and machinery from Austria.

Over 20 major Dutch companies have their presence in Austria. They have ventured into various industries such as chemicals, food, consumer goods, and energy industries. A number of these companies rank high in the Austrian foreign enterprises. Others have headquarters in Austria.

This makes the trading partners very formidable. Close to 90 Austrian companies have their offices established in Netherlands.

Tourism is another lucrative sector in this region. Close to two million Dutch tourists are recorded to have visited Austria. Undoubtedly, Austria’s largest foreign income is from Netherlands.

The Chamber has been instrumental in setting up the right economic tone between Netherlands and Austria. The Dutch embassy too works very closely with the Chamber to organize regular promotional events to boost trade. The economic relations for these two countries have been on the rise over the years. The benefits are enormous for both countries.