roles-for-each-directorIt is with the utmost loyalty and responsibility that the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce for Austria creates a board of directors to govern the Chamber. The duties and roles for each director are highlighted in their policies. However, it is of paramount importance that everyone, including the members of the Chamber, understand the exact functions of the Board members.

The following are the functions that are performed by the Chamber’s board of directors. The Board shall:

  • Set the overall organizational policy.
  • Establish the structural dues.
  • Employ as well as evaluate the annual performance of the Executive Director.
  • Provide the necessary equipment and facilities.
  • Recommend any changes to the by-laws.
  • Approve any other expenditure that are not within the budget.
  • Determine the objectives of the Chamber through the Program of Work.
  • Oversee the election of directors in line with the by-laws.
  • Hold the required meetings according to the by-laws or on call of the president among other stated reasons.
  • Follow the by-laws to fill in all the Board of Directors’ vacancies.

In addition to the functions of the Board of Directors, the every Board Member is expected to plan on:

  • Attend all the Board of Directors’ meetings.
  • Avoid every conflict of interest between citizen’s interests and those of a board member.
  • Do the necessary homework to prepare for Board meetings. This enables one to be an active participant in the meeting.
  • Discuss and develop all policies as well as procedures of the Chamber.
  • Work in the areas of one’s expertise on all Board committees.

The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce for Austria is responsible for establishing policies on the relation to the staff, relation to the chamber policy, and relation to the public among other core duties. The board is the legislative as well as the judicial arm of the Chamber. It is in their mandate to oversee the staff operations.