Growing Business with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce for Austria

Welcome to the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce of Austria. This is a resource for trade relations between Dutch and Austrian companies. Established in 1948, the chamber maintained a formidable link, especially three years after World War II. describes all you need to know about the bilateral Chamber of Commerce founded to strengthen trade relations between these two countries. They are on a mission to facilitate and promote reliable economic ties between Austria and Netherlands. Their offices are based in The Hague and Vienna.

The Chamber of Commerce provides a reliable platform for exchange of the economic activities and views between the Dutch and Austrian companies. They have regular business meetings, organized to enable effective exchange by the member companies. The Chamber is the best platform for Austrian and Dutch companies that participate in mutual trade. The chamber lists the leading multinational companies of Netherland that have subsidiaries in Austria. Small and medium-sized enterprises are also on board. Above all, natural persons can join our Chamber of Commerce.

A Board of Directors governs The Chamber. They represent the commercial relations with representatives of reputed Austrian businesses forming part of the board. The Chamber safeguards the interests of all companies regardless of their size.

As part of their duties, they offer Dutch and Austrian companies the relevant export assistance. This is available to all member companies through a tailor made service suite on a commercial basis. If you are looking forward to expand your boundaries, join The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce for Austria and see your company develop faster than ever.