board-directorsThe various Chamber of Commerce boards vary from one another in terms of size and composition. The board of directors in general have to play various board roles such as the chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer and members. Some boards have more than one vice chairs. The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce for Austria is made of representatives from all sections of their members. Most boards have an executive committee. This acts on behalf of the board during meetings. There are other committees also, meant to manage the core governance functions like financial management and fundraising, among others.

The board of directors of the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce for Austria consists of the chairman, two deputy chairs and members. The roles and responsibilities of the board of directors are detailed in their constitution. The qualification criteria to be a member of the board include:

  • Willingness to commit time, effort and finances required for giving total attention to the responsibilities of the chamber.
  • Ability to lead in community service.
  • Proficient decision-making capabilities in business.
  • Charisma and the ability to inspire others. This means that you can command respect while responding to the initiatives sponsored by the Chamber. This is meant to motivate others in solving community problems.
  • A director should demonstrate his/her ability to work harmoniously with other directors, members as well as the Chamber staff. This should be in line with the policies outlined by the Board of Directors.

The Chamber’s operations are based on the performance and board responsibilities. A good board member should demonstrate the following aspects:

  • Should endeavor to promote unity through professionalism rather than personalizing controversies and disagreements.
  • Criticize the issues at hand with possible solutions when necessary.
  • Always respects the rights of the board members. Allows everyone a fair hearing on their views.
  • Treats staff with utmost respect, while still on a supervisory role.
  • Remaining loyal to the Chamber.