You may find that spending time with your colleagues doesn’t sound like that much of a good idea; I mean you have to spend most of your day with them as it is, why would you then spend more time after work too? There are actually a few good reasons why you should. One of the reasons being that, because you have to spend so much time with them in a ‘professional’ setting at work, you should definitely take the time to get to know them outside of work too.

shutterstock_99942833Here are 5 good reasons why

1) If you work 9-5, then you’re spending most of your time at work compared to at home, so it’s even more important to make sure that those 8 hours spent at work are somewhat enjoyable. 2) You dislike your work colleague because he/she is always moaning at you? You might think differently if you were able to get to know the person in a different setting. 3) You might find yourself working better as a team if you’re more comfortable around them. 4) You might feel more open to talking about things that bother you 5) You will enjoy going to work more. Learn more at

Now you need ideas of what to do?

Why not organise a little after work meal or drink? It gives you the opportunity to get to know each other better in a relaxing setting. This is the perfect way to get together on a Friday Night after a stressful week at work. Try not to spend the whole evening talking about work though, as much as that may seem fitting, you will only end up missing the point, which is to get to know each other. It can be a really nice experience to get to know your colleagues. their hobbies and likes and you may find you have more in common than just work.