As part of the Chamber’s responsibilities, members are entitled to a number of services, commonly known as ‘Commercial Services’. These are tailor-made services offered on a commercial basis to all the members. The services are offered through the I.T.P.S or International Trade Promotion Services, an associate partner of the Chamber. This has been the case since 1999. The services range from market research to address lists. Included in the service package for the members are partner searches as well as helping a member in establishing the necessary legal entities. The chamber also helps members in forming joint-ventures.

To run successful operations within the Dutch and Austrian markets, the Chamber uses broad partners, guide companies, and members as well as non-members. These services come in handy for independent and government bodies alike. The Chamber serves branch organizations on a regular basis too. The partner searches and market surveys will be beneficial to most member organizations for reference, while planning projects. It is advisable to consult the ‘Export Consultant’ of the Chamber of Commerce in your region. This helps you in finding out whether or not your company has any subsidy criteria.

marketingApproved members of the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce for Austria enjoy a variety of services categorized into the following: marketing, trade mediation and distribution such as;

  • Market surveys
  • Address lists
  • Partner searches
  • Mailing executions
  • Business trip organization
  • Organization of trade missions
  • Greenfield operations and taking over
  • Fiscal advice
  • Legal advising

There are other services also in the form of value added services. They include:

  • Due diligence studies
  • Setting up of LLCs
  • Call services
  • Printing and translation services
  • Searching for qualified personnel
  • Salary and financial administration

If you are seeking to expand your reach within the Austrian or Dutch markets, you can now take advantage of their extensive services that are guaranteed. They are committed to deliver valuable services at very competitive prices.