You can join the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce for Austria as member through the Member Application. This is an excellent chance for any company and individual to build a solid business relationship within the region. The Chamber offers its members endless business opportunities in both Netherlands and Austria. There is no better way to open up your business market than being a member of the chamber.

Member Benefits

member-benefitsSome of the member privileges include:

  • Invitation to all business meetings.
  • Receive previews of specific commercial deals with non-members. Every member is prioritized and eligible for commercial services at discounted prices.
  • Are all listed in the ‘Our members’ link within the Chamber’s website.

Membership Application Process

There is a minim membership contribution fee of 200 Euros for every calendar year. The contribution is meant to support the Chamber financially.

To join The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce for Austria, it is necessary to make an application. It is an easy process with well-outlined steps. One must fill in the application form that is provided and submit it for approval. You can always contact the Chamber offices in case of any queries.

Any applicant should provide the required information in the application form very carefully. Upon approval, a member should pay the membership fee to be entitled to all the benefits mentioned above. Below are some of the information required for a membership application:

  • Full company name as registered
  • Legal status of the entity
  • Physical address of the company including postal code
  • If different, the applicant should provide the delivery address
  • Official phone number
  • Fax
  • Email address
  • Website of the company
  • Contact person of the company
  • Position held by the contact person in the company
  • Activities engaged in, and a detailed description of the activities
  • Where applicable, an applicant should indicate any agency in Austria and Netherlands

On submission, the application is reviewed and a response issued to the applicant.